When it Rains

You know the rest without me saying anything.

In this analogy I am a furry alien.

In this analogy I am a furry alien.

Yesterday was one of those weird days when you open your mailbox and find that someone has stuffed it full of evil.

The first was a notice from the Maryland Comptroller about late taxes. The second was a court summons. Our landlord has filed a complaint for repossession of property against us for failure to pay rent — that we paid.



So I get to go to court, and no matter what the court decides, there will now be an inky spot on my record saying that eviction proceedings were filed against me whenever a new landlord runs our history.

I’m sitting here typing this wondering just how much more will be dumped on our heads. Tig Notaro, a comedienne who recently: had a bacterial infection almost destroy her digestive tract; lost her mother in a tragic accident; and went through a breakup only to be diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts, said in her comedy special, LIVE, “They say God only gives you as much as you can handle. Well. What’s he doing up there, looking down and thinking, ‘Oh, I think she can take just a little more.'”

I love what she said, though I don’t like that particular analogy because A: I am an atheist and B: when people say it to someone going through a rough time they always sound like assholes.

Living in this state has sucked every financial resource we had into nothingness. Every time we think we’re catching up, we get slammed. We’re still paying 2011 taxes. We’re still juggling everything every month and paying almost every bill late because we have to prioritise rent > car > insurance, but then we miss the tax bill and get a notice. We sent a cheque yesterday.

We know we need to move. But how do you do that when you’re drowning in bills?

We can’t use credit lines, because they’re frozen in debt resolution programmes. My parents have no money. Spouse’s parents are in a financial upheaval.

So what do you do when you are limited to one vehicle, currently live in walking distance to work, and the economy is still bad enough that the prospect of job hunting seems both futile and painful?

If anyone has any thoughts or advice, please leave a comment. We’ll take whatever advice we can get within reason.

UPDATE: Yay, I don’t have to go to court. Leasing office said that since we paid it, it’ll be dismissed.

Happy News: Someone loved my Pitch Wars application. And that makes me do this:

I miss Xander. Must have Buffy rewatch.

I miss Xander. Must have Buffy rewatch.


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  1. Obviously I’m not a lawyer, but there’s something very wrong with a “stain” staying on your record when charges (especially erroneous ones) were dismissed.

    And this may sound like crap you don’t want to hear, but the reality is, the job market is better in Maryland than most other states. Job hunting is never easy—but maybe it’s something to consider. I wouldn’t give up the current one while I did it. But you might want to at least give some thought to the possibilities.

    But know that I’m hoping the universe has decided it’s time to leave you in peace.

  2. Glad you don’t have to go to court…
    BTW, when I saw the Stitch pic I immediately thought of the Llama one…and then scrolled down to see you had posted it too! Great minds…and all that.

  3. I think a romantic comedy is in order. I reckon watch “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and it’ll make things just a bittt easier. Chin up!

  4. Is there anything you can give up? Do you have cable? Can you forego that for the next six months? (I haven’t had a TV or cable for over 25 years – it can be done.) What about your cell phone? Could you get a basic service at a better price?

    I would suggest looking at all your basic bills and really ask yourself if the items/services you are paying for are really basic needs or luxury items. You would be surprised at what you can do without.

    Good luck on your new diet!

  5. I hope it gets better, but I empathise greatly. The first ten years of marriage for us was pretty financially dour, Hubby was made redundant a couple of weeks before we married and I got sick! Slowly we made it, budgeting every penny, every day. We had a few good years some years ago, but the state of everyone’s finances seem to be back up the creek again with the recession.
    The only way I made it was a tough budget, no luxury’s, and staying basic…but I would imagine you’re already doing everything I’d advise anyway! The toughest thing was no luxury’s (we all need something to look forward to!), and we just had to be imaginative when it came to things like days out!

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