#PitchMAS, #PitchWars, and the Query Trenches

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It is Thorsday, so I shall write what I want — and what I want to write about today is part of the writing business. Pitching. No, not like baseball or cricket. You don’t want the end result to be someone smacking your work away with a bat. But the kind of pitching where you hope someone falls in lurve with your fuzzy little novel.

What a week to be a writer.

There’s so much going on that my little Emmie brain is full of lightning and fur. And I think there are a few Jelly Bellies stuck in there from my Thanksgiving binge. (Raspberry, FTW.)

This week is home to not one, but TWO massive Pitchapalooza events all about helping writers get requests and exposure. It’s also the first time I’ve done any contests.

So here they are, in all their glory:

Pitch Wars

Hosted by the indomitable Brenda Drake, this awesome contest struck me as unique from the start. First of all, it starts by pairing writers up with agented authors, industry insiders, and agent interns for mentors. After the pair-up stage, the mentors will help their authors hone their manuscripts and pitches for the agent/editor round. Sound great?

It gets better. As a writer, you could apply to three different mentors. And I found three AWESOME ones. One of my favourite bloggers, Summer Heacock, happened to be one of the mentors. Add to that, fellow Whedonite and Browncoat Becca Weston. And on top of THAT, an actual ninja — Tina Moss.

So I applied, I flailed, and now I wait. *eats imaginary popcorn ‘n’ parm*

To distract myself from waiting for the 12 December announcement of mentor-writer lurve, I’ve been doing…


It’s like Christmas, but with pitches…and oh, you know what I mean. This bad boy was put together by Jessa Russo and Feaky Snucker. If you’re around The Twitter Writer World AT ALL, those names ought to ring a bell. Not only are they awesome, but they set up a phenomenal pitch extravaganza for all of us hopeful folk with finished, polished manuscripts. (Or we tell ourselves they’re polished…eep.)

Yesterday was the blog pitch day which landed me a request from an editor (yay!)…the downside was a bunch of the agents (scheduled and swooping ninja agents) had already seen my query. So today it’s onward to the Twitter round, where we’re tweeting our pitches at the #PitchMAS hashtag. Here’s mine:

Super strength? Check. Questionable spandex suit? Check. Now accountant Gwen just has to save Scotland from her bomb-crazy boss. #PitchMAS

What’s Racing Through Emmie-Land

Both of these things are new territory for me. Between the personal stuff that’s happened this autumn and the financial woes Spouse and I are slogging through, I’ve been feeling really, really discouraged. About my writing. About the chance of ever getting an agent. About the state of my toenails, because let’s face it, after their encounter with a metal bar this summer, they’re still hideous.

What I’m clinging to is hope. Hope that all the people who said my manuscript moved them, thrilled them, attack hugged them — that they weren’t just lying through their teeth to encourage me. Hope that the agents who have told me they loved it (unfortunately with a but that followed, for instance, one was looking only to sign non-fiction) meant it too — and hope that it’ll make it in front of the right eyeballs before I reach the end of my query list.

Hope that I’ll get a chance. That’s all I want. A chance.

Till then I’ll keep writing.

Happy Thorsday to you! Where’s Mjolnir when I need it?


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  1. I’m a fan of the pitch contests. It gets your name out there, the other writers in the community get to know you, and I sorta feel like it gives your submission (should it be requested) a little extra “oomph” when you send it off, because you get to say REQUESTED MATERIAL. Which is always exciting 🙂

    • For sure! It’s always nice when queries are actually solicited and not in the slushy slushy slushpile. (At least not totally. Only marginal slushiness.)

  2. Your pitch is amazing. It both creates vivid images and make me want to know more about it. I’m not surprised you snagged an editor. Well done!

    • Thanks, Jae! *blushy*

      This autumn has been a lot of “almosts” for me. Personalised Rs, requests for future projects — just hoping for that yes. And for a yes from the Pitch Wars mentors. I would love to work with someone to make Shrike as shiny as it can be.

      • Me too. Pitch Wars would be epic. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for both of us. Maybe we can go off to Pitch War together. Your story certainly sounds fascinating enough to merit a mentor. It’s just rough that we’re competing with nearly 2,000 people for a few slots. Way it goes I guess.

      • Yeah, no joke! I didn’t really expect THAT many applicants. O.o

        I will be crossing fingers for both of us as well. And, well…*PITCH WARS ATTACK HUG*

      • Well, I… :”> Why thank you.

        By the way, did you do a “Next Big Thing” post? You really should if not, I think they’re very helpful—especially to giving mentors a little incentive and insight.

      • *snuffles around* Wait, what’s this? I never hear about this stuff. Que’st que c’est? (I more than likely spelled that wrong, French fail.)

      • Consider yourself tagged. Follow this link back to my blog so you can get the questions and make your own post. Having read your description, I’m eager to see your answers. http://wp.me/p2g5XZ-mY

  3. Good luck with all the pitching!

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