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10 Selfish Reasons I’m Glad The Mayans Were Wrong

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 36th week, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, gentle viewers, I woke up this morning! And so did you, most likely, so hurrah! Well done, us.


As I lay in bed, kitten batting at my phone charger and puppy backing up her arse against my knee, I realized that there’s a lot to be thankful for today. Not the least of which, all of us being not dead.


I came up with a list of things that make me very glad I lived to see this Winter Solstice.


Bubble tea

Bubble tea (Photo credit: are you gonna eat that)

10. Bubble Tea


There’s this place in Rockville, MD called Bubble Tea Cafe. They have delicious bubble tea and desserts, and I’m going to be in that neighborhood today.


For those of you unaware, bubble tea is a milky drink made with tea and varying flavors. The bubbles (or boba) are tapioca balls. They are deliciously squishy. Because the world didn’t end, today I can have some. Score.



“What’s in the boooox?” Presents (Photo credit: Wysz)

9. The Mysteries


Spouse went out and bought me a bunch of gifties. And I have NO IDEA WHAT HE GOT ME. Mostly because I just didn’t tell anyone what I wanted this year in all the stress of money and being mostly dead all month.


So yeah, I totally want to know what’s in the boxes.


Coat of arms of Scotland. Français : Blason de...

Coat of arms of Scotland. Français : Blason de l’Écosse. 日本語: スコットランドの紋章。 Português: Brasão da Escócia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8. It’s Not 2014 Yet.


The world can’t end yet. The Scottish referendum is in 2014, and so Universe, please to keep doing your large, oblivious thing for another couple years, yes?


I’ve been waiting for this referendum for half my life. I’ll be super pissed if we blow ourselves up before it happens.


Or, you know, after. Or at all.


Plus, Spouse has never been there. And if my master plan of relocating our little cozy family to a Scottish cottage is ever to come to fruition, he needs to visit and fall in love with the weather, the scotch, and the golf. (Trust me on the weather thing. Both Spouse and I are strictly anti-summer.)



Happy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7. Baby!


I don’t have a one of these yet. And right now we can’t afford to start trying. But we want one or three, and they’re not something that just poofs into existence, y’know? Takes some play work and then three quarters of a very uncomfortable year.


I’m working on not spazzing at the idea of not being alone in my own body. I would appreciate if the world gave me that time.


Coll little Orange Tabby kitten

Coll little Orange Tabby kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. Kittehs, Kittehs, and MOAR KITTEHS!


I have this stealthy little plot of adding a little ginger cat to our household. Spouse wants another dog, but dogs pee everywhere for months, and cats are much, much easier to deal with. Plus, Willow Kitteh is about the most easy-going cat I’ve ever met. If anyone can handle a kitten pouncing her, it’s her.


Now to convince Spouse…



My To Be Read Pile

My To Be Read Pile

5. I’ve Got Some Reading To Do…

Have you SEEN my TBR pile? Look above, then add a few more my mother’s sending me. (If you look at the beautiful books on the right side, they’ll look something like that. Whitman, Melville, and MOAR.)

28 years of reading, and I haven’t done enough. I’ve got places to go!

English: First page of en:Albert Abraham Miche...

English: First page of en:Albert Abraham Michelson’s handwritten draft paper on the velocity of light, during his time in the U.S. Navy. Source: Physics Dept, Case Western Reserve University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Speaking of Books…

I’ve got a whole heap of books knocking around inside my noggin, and they want out. Plus, they make me hear voices.

Though I don’t know getting them out will help. They’ll probably just be replaced with new ones. Anyway.

I’ve got too many more books to write.

English: Random House Tower

English: Random House Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Someday My Prints Will Come

Last January, Kourtney Heintz and I quite literally stumbled across this building whilst walking around New York. It’s the Random House building, and seeing it was an odd moment for me. Until then, I think I thought publishers operated in some sort of Otherworld, a nebulous Not Here and books just poofed onto shelves like magic.

Not really. But seeing Random House’s New York building brought home a more concrete image of publishing. Seeing the posters of their books displayed and the floor-to-ceiling shelves in the foyer renewed a hunger in me.

The world can’t end. I’m not done yet.

worldmap, world map, maps of world

worldmap, world map, maps of world (Photo credit: nsikander28)

2. Big Place, Big Goals

I haven’t even covered a fraction of this planet yet. Or maybe I have. 14 countries and all that, but that means there are a bunch of continents and a couple hundred countries I’ve never been to.

I can’t let the world end when I’ve seen so little of it.


1. Spouse. 

He’s been utterly patient with me the last month, even sleeping in the living room so I could rest from my various ailments. He helped me put ear drops in my ears. He’s done all sorts of lovely things for me. We’re only a year into our marriage, and I’m not ready for that to be truncated.

We still have a long way to go. A world to see, ginger kittens to snuzzle (buaha), and eventually babies to make happen.

World? Keep turning a while longer. This Emmie’s not done with you yet.

What are your personal reasons for being glad the world didn’t end?



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