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Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

No, not Slim Shady.

At least as far as I know.

Nope, it’s yours truly, back from the dead like Lazarus, but without help from the supernatural.

Oh hi, gentle viewers. Did you miss me?

This has been quite a week. After such a long bout with a virus, I decided to take the week off to recuperate. This is the most time I’ve had off in a row since Spouse and I went on our honeymoon. I only wish it was under better circumstances.

That said, I’m back and in business. I head back to work tomorrow night (though I’ll have to beg to be put downstairs because going up steps still makes me go wheeze-cough-hack-hack-hack-gasp), and in the past several days, I’ve put 25,000 toward my new project. You can track that in the sidebar if you want to see the extent of my insanity.

This week has been a week of surprises.

Spouse brought home a big one the other day (please read past the picture do hear the story behind it):

My new-old MacBook Pro!

My new-old MacBook Pro!

The Story:

A few weeks ago, Spouse told me he had a surprise for me for Valentine’s Day. He’d been squirreling away little bits of money that his clients gave him as bonuses over the holidays, and a couple days back, he told me it was going to arrive early. Imagine my utter shock when he walked in and stuck a 2008 MacBook Pro under my nose. I’ve been wanting a new Mac for ages, ever since I found out that my old iBook G4 would need a whole OS upgrade, new hard drive, and new battery to deal with the new internet speeds, etc. Plus, I’d bought the Mac version of Scrivener back when I was still using my iBook and gnashing my teeth about not being able to use it. This was such a thoughtful gift, and Spouse got it for a tiny fraction of the price it would go for even used. A friend of his was going to sell it, and he offered it to Spouse for an almost laughably low price. It had a cracked screen and a broken hinge, and Spouse took it into the Apple store, where they fixed it for $22. All told, it set us back almost nothing, and I have a beautiful new computer. Yow.

It’s also been a week of serious kitty snuggles:

Willow Kitty has loved having Mom home all week.

Willow Kitty has loved having Mom home all week.

Willow and Buffy have been thrilled that I’m stuck at home sick. They’ve been total loves, and the moment above was one of the sweetest memories to date with that kitty. She kept reaching her little paw up and hugging my neck. It makes my heart warm just thinking about it.

And finally, tonight I had a hankering for some hot and sour soup. I ordered some from a local Chinese place, and they brought it. Amazing how that works. When I was done, I busted into my fortune cookies:

Look, I got a three-for-one!

Look, I got a three-for-one!

The first cookie held that bottom fortune. The other held all three.

I’ll take that as a good omen for the year. Plague notwithstanding.

So with that, gentle viewers, I’ll be getting back to normal around here. Thanks for bearing with my absence. I have some exciting things planned for 2013, including a few book reviews and a return to some beloved Buffy posts.

I’ll leave you with a GIF. This is how I feel after writing ten thousand words today:

How’s the new year treating you so far?

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