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The ultimate best-seller list. Which of these ...

The ultimate best-seller list. Which of these is your all time favorite? (Photo credit: AndrewDallos)

I saw today’s prompt on and thought, “What the hell?” I’ll set a timer for ten minutes and see what comes out.

If you’re wondering, erm, that was the prompt. With me so far?

I liked the prompt because it is its own little double entendre. There’s the very literal ten minute writing sprint I’m doing for you to read, and then there’s this week, which has given me all sorts of things to ponder.

That first thing to ponder is possibility.

Today I learned that the fabulous Julie Kenner (who I met through a blogging class a year ago and who not only read the first few chapters of my first completed novel, but who helped me with my query letter this fall) has just had one of her books hit the New York Times Bestseller List for the first time ever.

(Go check it out — Release Me is ready to land in your hot little hands!)

Those of you who are writers know what that means. It’s huge. It’s massive. And it couldn’t have happened to a kinder person. I can’t express how happy I am for her.

Before this, though, she’s written many other books — many of which have done awesome and been on the USA Today bestseller list for multiple weeks. The point is that when these success moments come, these landmarks, crossroads, whatever you want to call them, they come after a lot of other things. Mostly, they come after years of preparation.

The theme of today’s post works well for that.


Whenever there’s a huge goal you’re shooting for, whether it’s adding that NYTBA in front of your name (New York Times Bestselling Author) or getting into Harvard or into the White House or out of debt, it requires preparation.

People don’t see that time. They don’t see the hours you spend at home instead of guzzling beers down at the pub with your friends. They don’t see the studying, the hair-pulling, the tooth-gnashing. They see the output, which doesn’t really show up in the Ready Stage.


You’ve done your homework. You’ve put in the groundwork and the toil, and it just comes down to waiting.

Waiting is hard. It’s lonely. It can be maddening. It can be painful, your muscles burning for the release that comes with the gunshot.

But at this point, it’s all you can do. Until…


When this moment comes, all the long hours are the fuel.

All the waiting becomes worth it.

The time you’ve put in paying your dues ignites, and you propel yourself forward.


To the next leg of your journey.

This week, I’m seeing Ready and Set become GO for so many people, and I couldn’t be more excited for them.

So let’s go, gentle viewers. Let’s go. Where are you going? Sound off about your preparation, your waiting, and your moving forward in the comments!

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  1. This entire year is Ready, Set, Go for me!

  2. Oh, wow! Thanks so much for the mention and for all the good wishes!!!

  3. Seems like every “Go!” leads to another “ready.” But that’s what life is all about – one continuous adventure. I’m glad to be going through my first major “Go!” with you!

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