To The Grindstone!

Oh, hello, gentle viewers! How did you sleep?


Since today is Saturday, which is both the Day for Salaciousness AND my only remaining day off the day job for a few days, I thought I’d soften the blow of my absence with some Vampire Diaries GIFS.

For those of you who don’t know, I now have an agent! I’ve signed with Jessica Negrón of Talcott Notch Literary Services, and you can see my splendiferous story post here.

And yup, you’re right. YAY!


We are diving into a blitz of revisions, and I figured that today was the day to pull an Angry Stefan and do hundreds of push-ups in the woods. You know, metaphorically speaking.

Say what you will about Angry Stefan, but even Damon knows he has a good Resolve Face.

All that said, today I’m going to spend my day in the revision cave, plowing through as much as I can before my head explodes or before I feel the need to compel some Pi Sigs to have a dance party with me. Which means that I’ll have to be absent from the bloggy world for a bit longer, at least until I’m sure I’m not going to turn Ripper on everyone around me. 🙂


I love you, gentle viewers. I really do. I’ll be back soon with a (probably) new blogging schedule. I’ve got a couple great reviews coming up to share with you, and a WHOLE lot of fun stuff planned for March. (Think Buffy. Lots and lots of Buffy. Get pumped.)


Aw. Don’t look at me like that. I’ll be back soon, ready to regale you with awesomeness.

And speaking of salaciousness, one final GIF for you to drool over…


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  1. That last one is oddly hot. But then I remember him dancing and laugh. Damon is a terrible dancer.

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