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After Adam fell, God made Eve to protect the world. — Adam has pursued Eve since the dawn of creation, intent on using her power to create a new world and make himself its God. Throughout history, Eve has thwarted him, determined to protect the world and all of creation. Unknown to her, the Norse god Thor has been sent by the Council of Gods to keep her from Adam’s influence, and more, to protect the interests of the gods themselves. But this time, Adam is after something more than just Eve’s power—he desires her too, body and soul, even if it means the destruction of the world. Eve cannot allow it, but as one generation melds into the next, she begins to wonder if Adam might be a man she could love.

A couple months ago, my friend Amalia Dillin asked me to review her upcoming book, Forged by Fate. Since we initially bonded over a mutual love of mythology, I thought that sounded like a grand idea. So here we go!

I’d give FORGED BY FATE by Amalia Dillin three and a half stars.

First of all, the writing is almost flawless. It’s beautiful prose from front to back of the book, and I expect great things from Amalia in the future. The story is told from three points of view: Eve in the present reincarnated as Abby; Eve at the time of Creation; and the Norse god Thor, who has been set to protect Eve throughout the ages. The latter storyline spans centuries and hops forward a bit with each revolution of the trio of POVs.

The world-building in FORGED BY FATE is very nuanced and well done. The gods walk among mortals, but each pantheon also seems to have its own home. Asgard for the Aesir, Olympus for the Greeks, etc. Thor makes his way through many of these groups of gods throughout the story, and Amalia’s attention to mythological detail is exceptional.

Eve as a character is multi-layered and fascinating. Sought after by her brother Adam since the time of creation, she’s spent lifetimes (literally) avoiding his advances. Adam himself has been punished for his greed and lust for power by having his memory erased. While Eve remembers each successive incarnation of herself, Adam goes through his lives oblivious — until the present.

I loved the premise of this book. It’s a rich look into the idea of “What if ALL the gods were real?”

It was a smooth, easy read that I sped through quite quickly. As the first in a trilogy, I have high expectations for the remaining two books.

While well structured, the one thing that I felt the book was missing was escalating tension. For the most part, the triad of POVs worked very well, but I found that it hampered any threat to Eve in the two storylines that occurred in the past because I knew that she was fine in the present. I also found that Adam as an antagonist didn’t create as much tension as I hoped he would. Though those around him were worried by his presence, he didn’t do anything to justify that worry in the present-day storyline. The result of those things is that I didn’t have a lot of sense of the stakes in the novel, personal or external. That said, I feel that the second and third books have the potential to create those stakes and tension using the foundation built by FORGED BY FATE. I fully intend to continue with the series.

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  1. Interesting and relevant premise.

  2. That sounds really interesting… and it’s a novel (no pun intended) idea. I also like how it turns the biblical tables, so to speak, making Adam the bad guy for once instead of Eve. LOL

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