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Okay, people. STOP. Whatever you are doing. Just STOP and RUN over to this link because we are finally going to get what we’ve always wanted from Veronica Mars: MORE.

I interrupt our regularly scheduled Buffyversary because of another tiny blonde with chutzpah — I found Veronica Mars after a few years of people telling me I ought to watch it. It aired while I was living abroad, so I didn’t get to fall in love with it until after the show was over.

And when I got to the end of season 3, I wailed, I gnashed my teeth, I ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s and relentlessly shipped Veronica and Logan.

Okay, so maybe not quite that bad. Please believe me, please believe me. *cough*


The point is that the show was phenomenal, full of quippy one-liners and gut-wrenching moments and characters that smolder an awful lot, but appropriately and in a way that makes your heart just go pitter-pat-pitter-pat. (I’m looking at you, Jason Dohring.)

The show got canceled way before its time. In fact, it got canceled so suddenly that the finale was painful because it left so much ambiguous. And fans have been clamoring for a film pretty much since that day.

There’s only one problem. They kinda don’t MAKE feature films from canceled television shows. Unless you’re talking about Serenity. It’s been years getting to this point, and I think it’s only the success of Kickstarter as a venue for fundraising that has allowed for this to happen. Rob Thomas has tried multiple times to get the film off the ground the conventional way, but it hasn’t worked out. So he brought the problem to the people who loved the show: the fans.

Who would pay to see this movie? We would. I would, and I’m broke. But I’ll be donating to this project because I’ve waited so damn long to see this story go farther, and I trust the producers to do this in a way that will both create a new plot for the film and provide some final closure we never got from the show. Plus, Kristen Bell is just freaking adorable no matter what, and someone needs to get her a pet sloth.

In the time it’s taken me to write this rather short little post, the Kickstarter has raised another $100,000.

If you love Veronica Mars like I love Veronica Mars, get your arse over and donate. And if you are wondering what could have me so excited, maybe you ought to head over to the WB (just click here!) and watch the first two seasons. Then find the third season and watch that too.

This has to be massive vindication for the cast and crew of the show — and the fan response is just overwhelming. Why, yes. We DO want a Veronica Mars film enough to pay for its production ourselves. Take that, Hollywood execs.

Seriously. Get outta here and go show these folks some love.

What are your favorite Veronica Mars lines? Sound off in the comments! Here’s mine:

Veronica: Madison, you have something on your nose.

Madison: What, brown? Because I’m a brown noser?

Veronica: No, glitter. Because you’re a fairy princess.


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  1. Eleni Sakellis

    Such a great show! Can’t wait to see what they come up with for the film!

  2. I couldn’t donate much, but I did it the second I saw mention of it pop up in my FB feed on the Veronica Mars page. And, hey, they’ve already reached their goal! Anything beyond the 2 million will be gravy and give us that much more of an amazing movie. SO EXCITED.

  3. I never actually watched this show. It makes me think of Smallville, for some reason, which I lost interest in around season 3 or so… :/ But I totally get the feeling. It’s how I felt when they cancelled Canivale and left it hanging, and I totally wanted to cry when I can to the end (a very FINAL type end) of Saving Grace. So, here’s hoping for ya.

  4. LOVE this show. I own all seasons on DVD. On the 3rd season DVD there was a little short that Rob Thomas did to show the network where they would have gone with a fourth season. You should check that out, for a different flavor of VM.

    I loved Veronica and Logan and I have to admit, I didn’t see that one coming. Talk about redeeming a bad boy, but letting him keep his edge. The one thing I never doubted was how much he loved Veronica.

    There were lots of lines that I love, but my favorite moment, which just shows you the Veronica/Logan dynamic, was the episode where someone leaked a recording of Veronica and Piz (Chris Lowell was way too hot to be the rebound guy) having sex. Earlier in the episode, Logan attacked Piz because he thought Piz had recorded her and leaked it and V was seriously pissed at Logan. Then at the end of the episode, there was this guy who was such an ass to Veronica, making rude comments about the tape, and Veronica wanted to go after him, but Piz talked her into “turning the other cheek.” But Logan came in and first, he apologized to Veronica and Piz for beating up Piz. But when the asshole starts taunting Veronica, Logan turns around and beats the crap out of him. It’s awesome. Then Logan smiles at Veronica before leaving. And Veronica gives him this look– it’s incredible. It’s i-can’t-believe-you-did-that-thank-you-because-i-wanted-to-do-that-i-think-i-really-love-him look. And Piz sees it.

    • Yeah, I absolutely love that moment. It’s a time where two protagonists have their lives elevated beyond what is normal for most humans, and it becomes evident how extraordinary both of them are. Unfortunately, Piz doesn’t quite fit into that. Piz for me is a lot like Riley. I like him a lot, but he’s too normal for someone like Veronica, just as Riley was too human for Buffy.

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