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Loan Sharks and Kitten Poker

Joss: "We're going to need kittens today. Lots of kittens."

Joss: “We’re going to need kittens today. Lots of kittens.”

Howdy, folks! Welcome back to the Hellmouth! Today we’re getting silly and talking about season six episode Life Serial. But mostly, I just  wanted an excuse to post a bunch of pictures of kittens.

For most people, there comes the occasional day where you just need to get drunk and relax. Play a game of cards. Maybe win a few bucks off your bro.

Imagine you’ve had a rough day.

You’ve had a few drinks with your peroxide-y pal.

LifeSerial1And he leads you into the back room of the bar, only for you to see this:



First of all, KITTENS!

Second, wait, what?


Ante up!


I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in that meeting.

“So there’s a bunch of demons sitting around a card table.”

“Money on the table?”

“Nope, they wouldn’t play for money.”

“……..Then what are they playing for?”

“Wait for it…..”




“We’re gonna need lots of kittens. Cute ones! Little ginger ones! TINY KITTENS.”

“Joss. Dude. You want to round up a bunch of kittens for a demon card game?”


“…But what do the demons do to the kittens?”




“Relax. No one’s really going to eat the kittens.”



It probably went something like that.

And let’s not forget this guy who turned up a few episodes la



“I’m talkin’ bout the forty Siamese you owe me.”


I’ll leave you with some zen-like wisdom from the loan shark:

Time, time, time. Time is what turns kittens into cats.


Well said, loan shark. Well said.

And because I can:



Happy Thursday!

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