Back on the #ZAP Wagon



Back in November, a funny thing happened.

I got on the scale, and it exploded.

Okay, it didn’t really explode, per say. But it showed the highest number I’ve ever seen it show. I got off and got back on just to check.


I looked up my BMI and it helpfully informed me that I was on my way to becoming obese.

I wasn’t okay with that.

So when December rolled around, Spouse and I began a drastic shift in diet. I dropped about 12 pounds in fairly quick succession, but I also gained a serious bug. For most of December and January, I was very ill, and the scale went back up due to my having to stay in bed.

Finally, last month, I got myself to the gym again. I’ve gotten my weight from borderline obese to just under the “overweight” line. I’m officially back to a normal weight. It feels good, but I still don’t. I feel the pain in my knees and my back. I’m still lugging around 25 pounds that I didn’t have when I moved here.

This where ZAP comes in.

If a zombie pandemic started today, I’d be in trouble. I can barely run two miles without getting really winded, which is a far cry from the easyish 5Ks I was running five times a week in the autumn. I know that the ideal weight for my body is about 20 pounds lower.

So I’ve started running again, and today (hand in hand with a friend), I’m starting to get my diet in check again. This time no excuses. It’s taken a couple bouts with the exploding scale and experiencing knee issues for the first time in my life to drill home the message that I have to make a definitive change. Plus, I need to be in the best shape possible for when those zombie hordes start shambling down the sidewalks.

Here’s my goals:

– lose 25 pounds by September and keep it off

– run three times per week (at least one mile)

-run two miles at least once per week

-begin strength training with the goal in mind of being able to complete 100 push ups in four sets or less and do at least 5 pull ups in one set

-stay within calorie goals five days per week

And that’s that.

At work, I’ve had a lot of people tell me recently that they can’t run. If I can do it (an asthmatic with a history of severe lung infections and shin splints), I can’t be unique. I first ran a straight mile last summer after avoiding it since high school. Then I slowly upped it to three. By the time I do the Run For Your Lives zombie obstacle course 5K in October this year, I want to be able to run 10K without stopping. That’s about 6.25 miles. Possible? Well. If I used to think running three miles straight was impossible and did it anyway, what else can I do?

It’s time to find out.

What about you, folks? Any fitness goals heading into summer? How are you gonna thwart the zombies?


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  1. Good for you! I got into pretty excellent shape for my wedding last fall and then promptly didn’t run for about six months, so I know the feeling. Climbing back on that treadmill and watching the miles inch by is pretty grueling. I know for me that it’s more of a mental block than anything else, and once I am able to convince myself I can do something, I usually can. Keep up the good work!

  2. I definitely need to get back onto the fitness train. Winter messes it up for me because I refuse to pay money for a gym. Liam and I have been (sort of) doing this thing called Cro fit. It’s something like cross fit but without equipment. Only body weight exercises. It’s pretty killer. My goals are to equal the level 2 parkour requirements for Apex Movement. I don’t remember them off the top of my head.

    • That sounds like a great plan. I like anything that allows you to do awesome workouts with no equipment. Our problem is that we live above people, so we have to be sensible to their desire not to get stomped on.

  3. It took me forever to get my weight down and now it’s creeping back up again. I’ve decided I need to lose 15lbs by my birthday in July. I also run a lot – I’ve done a couple of half marathons and even have the London Marathon in the back of my mind. I’m back on the diet tracker wagon as well – it helps me keep an eye on when I’m being naughty and should step away from the fridge. It helps that my dad is really fit and healthy so he motivates me to get myself into gear and out running. I also want to take up Tai Chi and perhaps some fun stuff to combat zombies with…

  4. If anyone can beat those zombies, you can! Run, Emmie, run!

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