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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series)

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Oh! Hello there, gentle viewers!

Because I love Buffy, and I know you love Buffy, I have put together all my Buffy-related posts in one handy-dandy place for your perusing convenience.

Wish me monsters.

Character Analyses:

Angel/Angelus (coming soon!)

Andrew Wells (coming soon!)

Anya Christina Emanuelle Jenkins (coming soon!)

Buffy Anne Summers

Charles Gunn (coming soon!)

Cordelia Chase

Dawn Summers

Faith Lehane

Fred Burkle (coming soon!)

Lorne (coming soon!)

Rupert Giles


Tara Maclay (coming soon!)

Wesley Wyndham-Pryce

Willow Rosenberg (coming soon!)

Xander LaVelle Harris

Buffy’s Relationships

Cookie Dough Part 1: Buffy and Angel

Cookie Dough Part 2: Buffy and Riley

Cookie Dough Part 3: Buffy and Spike

The Other Watcher: Exploring Giles and Buffy

The Big Bads:


Angelus: The Fallen Angel


Dark Willow


The First


Big Bads of Buffy: The Master

Mayor Wilkins: Evil Evoking Sympathy

Thematic and Philosophical Meanderings:

Big Bads of Buffy

Buffy Wedding Lessons (Guest post by Kristin McFarland)

Paranormal Soundtrack: Best Music of Buffy

She’s a Hero: Writing Strong Female Characters

She Saved the World A Lot

Why We Love The Slayer

Sex in the Buffyverse

The Trio: Do These Goofy Guys Spotlight Misogyny in Geek Culture?

If you hang out around here at all, I’m sure you know me well enough to figure out that I can’t keep my paws out of the Buffyverse.

Got a request? Got a specific episode or situation you want to discuss? Email me and let me know — I’m willing to give it a go.

Got something to say? Keep it thoughtful, keep it civil, and have fun.

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