Comment Policy and Disclaimers

An amulet, "silver strongly gilt", r...

An amulet, “silver strongly gilt”, representing the hammer of Thor. Found in 1877 in Skåne, Sweden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


After a certain post got a bit on the wild side with comments, I have decided to post more specific comment guidelines. My goal is for this website to be a place of warm discussion, a sort of internet-based hearth where the rum is not gone. This is my little home on the web. I have opinions and express them as I see fit. If the site bothers you, I’m sure you can find another one to hang around.

Onto the comment policy and general disclaimers:

Be thoughtful, be civil, and have fun.

For the most part, I’ve never had a problem. You, O Gentle Viewers who visit regularly and participate, are shiny people deserving of all the huggles. But occasionally someone drops by with the desire of being a douchecanoe. Thus, MJOLNIR THE MODERATOR* has been born. Thor doesn’t like douchecanoes. Neither does his hammer. Because the above bolded statement seems to need further explanation in those cases, please read the following policies regarding comments and site use:

1. Absolutely no hate speech will be tolerated. This includes any hateful comments regarding: race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical capabilities, mental health, or general insults. I especially dislike racial slurs and the word “slut” as well as its derivative adjective.

2. Any racial slurs or gender based insults will result in your comment getting deleted. Continuing to behave in this manner will result in getting banned from commenting. If I perceive that someone’s behavior is threatening to the well-being of my readers (physically or mentally), the comment will be reported to the authorities. 

3. I reserve the right to edit and/or delete any comment posted to this website and all its child pages.

4. Differing viewpoints are welcome insofar as they are expressed respectfully, without resorting to ad hominem attacks and other logical fallacies. If you believe someone is wrong, back up your claim with substantive evidence or experience, don’t just call them an asshat.

5. Name calling should have been left behind in primary school. If I see it, MJOLNIR comes out to play.

6. Viewpoints expressed by commenters other than myself are not to be attributed as mine. That said, the viewpoints expressed in blog posts by me are mine alone.

7. You get what you give. If you’re going to behave like a douchecanoe, people can respond to you in kind. 

8. Phobic content will meet MJOLNIR. Anything perceived to be racist, misogynistic, or full of asshatery will be relegated to the Pit of Smashed Comments.

9. All posted articles, pages, and blog posts are mine and protected by copyright except attributed posts by invited guests, in which case the copyright belongs to the writer. You may not reproduce, duplicate, or use the articles in part or in whole without express permission in writing from me. The single exception for WordPress users is the “reblog” option. Using my words without permission (even if they are attributed to me) is a violation of copyright law. Ask first. I’ll probably say yes. I work hard on this blog and am happy when people connect with my writing. If you have a question about using something I’ve written, email me at emmiemears (at) gmail [dot] com. Or if that’s too much work, click here and use the contact form.

10. Photos by me may be used without permission unless expressly noted in the caption. Photos not owned by me are chosen to reflect fair use (such as reviews of television shows or free-use creative commons). Always check copyright before using or adapting images.

*John Scalzi invented his mallet of loving correction, and because hammers mallets and gavels are such wonderfully judge-y things, I thought I’d have one too.

Got something to say? Keep it thoughtful, keep it civil, and have fun.

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