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The Supernatural Workout Game

Supernatural (season 4)

Supernatural (season 4) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all like a fun workout, right? Well, I thought about going to the gym yesterday, but then I realized I had about two full seasons of Supernatural to catch up on before the season eight finale. And erm…priorities.

So I decided to try to get the best of both worlds, and I created the Supernatural marathon workout game!

Beware, there might be some spoilers nestled in here.

Here’s the sitch. It works pretty much like a drinking game, but you know, without the booze and with a lot more exercising. There are plenty of fun things I love about Supernatural. The Impala. The meta. The Sam.

There are also a lot of things that reappear fairly often. Like…the Impala. And motel rooms. Angels. Demons. And erm, death. So I made up a little program of exercises to do! Amanda Byrne suggested that I share it with you, so for your Friday funsies, enjoy!

Let’s start with the basics. To do this, you’ll need access to some or all of the seasons of Supernatural, a love of Winchesters, and a bit of open space. You’ll also need some dumbbells of whatever weight you fancy moving around. Some exercises you can do with your bod alone, others you’ll want to use weights.

Got that?

  • Supernatural episodes
  • Winchester lurve
  • Space
  • Weights

Here’s what I came up with!


1969 (Photo credit: McBeth)

1. If you see the Impala, show that muscle car some muscles. 

What better way to do this than bicep curls? Grab a dumbbell in each hand. Keep your elbows close to your torso. Contract your biceps, raise your weights. Don’t grunt unless you want the lunk alarm to go off. I did 30-50 reps with smaller weights for this. Do what you gotta do.


Motel (Photo credit: Beyond Neon)

2. Motels are popular places. Sort of. Whenever Sam and Dean hang out in one……

It’s planking time!

Nope, you’re not trying to plank on top of the McDonald’s arches. We’re talking the other kind of planking. I like to do this one leaning on my forearms. Keep your body (especially your core) as straight as possible. Raise yourself up on your toes and forearms and hold the position for whatever time length you fancy. I go with 30 second increments.

Image property of the CW.

3. We’re gonna mix the Impala with some Queen, because when they’re driving, you want to ride your bicycle.

Not the traditional bicycle. We’re talking bicycle crunches. Whenever the boys are driving around, you get down on the ground, lie on your back, and alternate extending each leg in front of you. While doing this, put your hands behind your head and twist your torso from side to side, trying to bring each elbow close to the opposite knee. I did this in sets of 20 (per leg).

Excuse me while I MROW.

Excuse me while I MROW.

4. Only way to get abs like this is to work them out. A lot. Consider this your reminder.

Whenever you see a set of Winchester abdominals, get your crunch on. Pretty simple. You can do crunches, right?

I started with fifty or so in sets of 10-20.

Castiel, Supernatural

5. Flying is hard. Angels fly. Whenever you see one, flap your wings.

For this, you can use whatever weight of dumbbell you want, but you’re doing dumbbell flyes each time you see an angel. I don’t care if it’s Castiel or Lucifer. Get flapping.

Dean Winchester, Supernatural, grave, season four, SPN, Dean, Winchesters

6. When one of the Winchesters drops, so do you…and give us fifty.

Pushups, that is. These boys have a tendency to get dead. When they do, get your pushup on. Lots of pushups. It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, you show those boys some respect by conditioning your core, back, and arms. Fifty pushups. Do them in as many sets as you need.

Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Supernatural, beer, Impala, drinking

7. The Winchesters drink a lot. And somehow they manage not to get the beer belly. The only way they keep those cut obliques is by working them out.

You can do side crunches or side planks, or whatever you want. I like to use one dumbbell, hold it above my head, and lean from side to side. You’ll feel it in your sides. Just picture the V. Or, you know, Dean’s or Sam’s.

Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, FBI, Winchester FBI, Supernatural

8. When they fake an occupation, so do you.

Those Winchesters like to flash badges that aren’t theirs. For this one, you hold dumbbells in each hand with your elbows bent at 90 degree angles and held close to your torso like you’re going to do curls (or like a server holding a tray full of drinks). Stand on one leg with the other bent like a flamingo. At the same time, rotate both arms and the bent leg outward so that they’re all in line with your body, then back in so they’re in front of you again. It’s a lateral movement, no vertical curling, etc. Do about ten reps on each side.

So that’s it.

Eight different exercise triggers in honor of the eight seasons of the show.

Have fun getting as ripped as the Winchesters! Got ideas for more we can add? Let me know in the comments!

Five Practical Tools To Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Yesterday we launched ZAP, the Zombie Apocalypse Preparation Fitness Programme. Today, I’m going to share some of my favourite Zombie Prep resources with you to jump start your own training!


Image representing SparkPeople as depicted in ...

Image via CrunchBase



This website is a veritable stash of information, tools, and awesome people. It’s completely free to use, and it offers nutrition trackers, fitness trackers, exercise suggestions (and videos to show you how!), articles on nutrition and fitness, and a thriving community chock full of positive people trying to alter their lifestyles for the better. There’s also a mobile app that you can use on the go!


Image representing MyFitnessPal as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase

2. My Fitness Pal


This is another tracking tool you can use. It offers some different benefits for your tracking by calculating in your fitness for the day against your food intake and tells you an estimate at the end of each day for how much you’ll weigh five weeks from now if you keep things up. I use this mostly on my phone, but they also have a website with forums, etc.


English: my couch

English: my couch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Couch To 5K


This is a mobile app that isn’t quite free ($1.99), but it comes highly recommended and eases you into running. I used to hate running. I have asthma and shin splints, and when I ran in high school it was because my jumping coach in track forced me to work out with the sprinters. I’m not a sprinter. That kind of high-impact burst wasn’t for me, but yesterday I ran a mile and a half for the first time since….well, maybe ever. I was surprised I even ran a mile. It took me about 30 minutes to jog that distance, a time I’m looking forward to improving. The app sets your workouts and all you have to do is push the button. It tells you when to run and when to walk, and it plays music along with you, working up to that three mile stretch we call a 5k!


Even Cedric wasn't safe from zombies at the Ru...

I find this highly motivating. (Photo credit: robswatski)

4. Train for a 5k


One thing all zombies seem to have in common is their singleminded ability to quest for brains. You want to be able to outrun them, at least enough to be able to climb a tree or find some shelter. What better way to ensure your ability to do so than training to run several miles at a time?


I’ve chosen to register for the Run For Your Lives, a zombie-infested obstacle course of a 5k. It’s more than just running. It’s running with a slavering horde of zombies on your tail and obstacles in front of your face. Jeebers.


Need motivation much?

handshake isolated on business background

“The zombies do not stand a chance.” handshake isolated on business background (Photo credit: s_falkow)

5. Enlist Comrades-In-Arms


Even if you’re a crazy loner like me, it helps to have people in your corner. (I’m not really crazy. Forget I said that.) That’s why you have #ZAP — it’s your place to go when you want to brag about ZATS (Zombie Apocalypse Training Sessions) or ask a question, toot someone else’s horn or beg for assistance. That’s another reason to love SparkPeople — you can connect with people all over the globe who share your goals. But if you, like me, see the prospect of yet another corner of social media as cobwebs waiting to happen, just hit us up on Twitter. You don’t have to be a writer to tweet at #ZAP. Just be you. And be preparing for zombies.

More resources coming soon, ZAP Warriors. What are your favourite tools?




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