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The Supernatural Workout Game

Supernatural (season 4)

Supernatural (season 4) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all like a fun workout, right? Well, I thought about going to the gym yesterday, but then I realized I had about two full seasons of Supernatural to catch up on before the season eight finale. And erm…priorities.

So I decided to try to get the best of both worlds, and I created the Supernatural marathon workout game!

Beware, there might be some spoilers nestled in here.

Here’s the sitch. It works pretty much like a drinking game, but you know, without the booze and with a lot more exercising. There are plenty of fun things I love about Supernatural. The Impala. The meta. The Sam.

There are also a lot of things that reappear fairly often. Like…the Impala. And motel rooms. Angels. Demons. And erm, death. So I made up a little program of exercises to do! Amanda Byrne suggested that I share it with you, so for your Friday funsies, enjoy!

Let’s start with the basics. To do this, you’ll need access to some or all of the seasons of Supernatural, a love of Winchesters, and a bit of open space. You’ll also need some dumbbells of whatever weight you fancy moving around. Some exercises you can do with your bod alone, others you’ll want to use weights.

Got that?

  • Supernatural episodes
  • Winchester lurve
  • Space
  • Weights

Here’s what I came up with!


1969 (Photo credit: McBeth)

1. If you see the Impala, show that muscle car some muscles. 

What better way to do this than bicep curls? Grab a dumbbell in each hand. Keep your elbows close to your torso. Contract your biceps, raise your weights. Don’t grunt unless you want the lunk alarm to go off. I did 30-50 reps with smaller weights for this. Do what you gotta do.


Motel (Photo credit: Beyond Neon)

2. Motels are popular places. Sort of. Whenever Sam and Dean hang out in one……

It’s planking time!

Nope, you’re not trying to plank on top of the McDonald’s arches. We’re talking the other kind of planking. I like to do this one leaning on my forearms. Keep your body (especially your core) as straight as possible. Raise yourself up on your toes and forearms and hold the position for whatever time length you fancy. I go with 30 second increments.

Image property of the CW.

3. We’re gonna mix the Impala with some Queen, because when they’re driving, you want to ride your bicycle.

Not the traditional bicycle. We’re talking bicycle crunches. Whenever the boys are driving around, you get down on the ground, lie on your back, and alternate extending each leg in front of you. While doing this, put your hands behind your head and twist your torso from side to side, trying to bring each elbow close to the opposite knee. I did this in sets of 20 (per leg).

Excuse me while I MROW.

Excuse me while I MROW.

4. Only way to get abs like this is to work them out. A lot. Consider this your reminder.

Whenever you see a set of Winchester abdominals, get your crunch on. Pretty simple. You can do crunches, right?

I started with fifty or so in sets of 10-20.

Castiel, Supernatural

5. Flying is hard. Angels fly. Whenever you see one, flap your wings.

For this, you can use whatever weight of dumbbell you want, but you’re doing dumbbell flyes each time you see an angel. I don’t care if it’s Castiel or Lucifer. Get flapping.

Dean Winchester, Supernatural, grave, season four, SPN, Dean, Winchesters

6. When one of the Winchesters drops, so do you…and give us fifty.

Pushups, that is. These boys have a tendency to get dead. When they do, get your pushup on. Lots of pushups. It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, you show those boys some respect by conditioning your core, back, and arms. Fifty pushups. Do them in as many sets as you need.

Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Supernatural, beer, Impala, drinking

7. The Winchesters drink a lot. And somehow they manage not to get the beer belly. The only way they keep those cut obliques is by working them out.

You can do side crunches or side planks, or whatever you want. I like to use one dumbbell, hold it above my head, and lean from side to side. You’ll feel it in your sides. Just picture the V. Or, you know, Dean’s or Sam’s.

Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, FBI, Winchester FBI, Supernatural

8. When they fake an occupation, so do you.

Those Winchesters like to flash badges that aren’t theirs. For this one, you hold dumbbells in each hand with your elbows bent at 90 degree angles and held close to your torso like you’re going to do curls (or like a server holding a tray full of drinks). Stand on one leg with the other bent like a flamingo. At the same time, rotate both arms and the bent leg outward so that they’re all in line with your body, then back in so they’re in front of you again. It’s a lateral movement, no vertical curling, etc. Do about ten reps on each side.

So that’s it.

Eight different exercise triggers in honor of the eight seasons of the show.

Have fun getting as ripped as the Winchesters! Got ideas for more we can add? Let me know in the comments!

ZAP and the Great Big Killer Rabbit

English: Gold Star

English: Gold Star (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week hasn’t seen me at my best.

My husband and I recently finished watching Dollhouse. One of the lines the actives (dolls) say often throughout the show is this: “I try to be my best.”

And they do. The actives work out, eat well, do yoga, paint pictures, build tiny trees, and meditate. Of course, they’re effectively lobotomised, but for the capacity they have, they try to be their best.

With October here and the Run For Your Lives a mere three and a half weeks away, I’m wondering if I’ve been my best — or even if I’m trying to be my best. During times of stress and difficulty, how do we keep training for the coming zombies?

It’s not an uncommon problem. People often try and make a lifestyle change for spurts, and in between revert to habit. Habit, that nasty bloodsucking bunny from hell.

The attack of the Killer Rabbit

The lair of Habit. The attack of the Killer Rabbit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before you say, “I soiled me armour over a  bleeding bunny?” try and think of the last time you tried to lose weight. Did you get some of the weight off only to gain it right back? Or did it just stubbornly refuse to budge from your middle and thighs until you said, “Sod it. Gimme some chips?”

For me it’s both. I’ve gone through periods where I stick to a fitness routine like King Arthur to his trusty pair of coconuts. Other times, I burn myself out so much that pretty soon a pair of minstrels start running behind me and singing, “Brave Sir Emmie ran away. Bravely ran away, away! When training reared its ugly head, she bravely turned her tail and fled! Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Emmie!”

Training for the zombie apocalypse can be tough without erm, zombies.

When life starts happening — and you know how much life adores happening — it’s easy to forget that the zombies haven’t arrived yet. Your neighbours are still too human to shoot for any legitimate reason (and no, blasting their music at all hours of the night is largely not considered legitimate by legal entities), the bloke over there with a hacking cough is not about to die and reanimate, and most likely the lad who looks half-dead isn’t.

It makes the whole situation seem a wee bit less urgent.

Miyako Snoring

Threat level: Snore. Miyako Snoring (Photo credit: Takashi(aes256))

So how do you keep momentum when you’ve got a hundred problems/life situations/ingrown toenails/double rainbows that distract you from zombie-proofing yourself?

It’s not easy. But here are a few of my tips.

  • Keep at it. You’re not going to be perfect every day, and no one is asking you. Until the zoms show up anyway. Then one wrong move can get you dead. But cheer up! Till then, you’ve got a wee bit of wiggle room!
  • Focus on the positive. The fabulous ZAP Strategist Angie Richmond said something similar to me in a conversation earlier, and she’s right. (She’s good at that being right thing.) What positive changes has your ZAP training wrought in your body? I can run four miles straight, where before I could barely run one.
  • Make small, sustainable changes. Don’t try and overhaul your entire lifestyle in a day. But you can do things that make you better little by little. Switch to water at all meals. Add two servings of fruit or vegetables to your days. Do fifteen press-ups before you shower in the morning.
  • Challenge yourself. Create small goals that lead up to bigger goals. Make some of them beyond your current ability. Celebrate when you reach them. If you fail, keep trying. It’ll feel that much better when you get there.
  • Don’t look at fitness as having a finish line. Ultimately, being a stronger, fitter you will mean permanent shifts in how you live, how you eat, and how you move your body. So many people fail at their goals because they reach a goal weight and think they’ve won — and subsequently reverse all the progress they’ve made. I’m one of them. I’ve done it multiple times, and I know how frustrating it is to see those pounds slip back on.
Finish Line

NO Finish Line! (Photo credit: jayneandd)

The best thing you can do to ensure your preparation for the zombie apocalypse is to surround yourself with other ZAP Warriors. And the wonderful ZAP Warmaster Anna Meade and I (your friendly neighbourhood ZAP Battle Chieftain) are gearing up to help you do just that.

Until then, we’ve discussed something we could do for fun, to help stay motivated and help quantify the results you’re getting from your ZAP training.

Our bodies are our biggest weapons — so we’re asking you to show us your guns. About a month from now, I’ll ask you to send us a picture of you showing off your biceps. It’s optional, of course, and you can opt to be anonymous or show your face — but I hope you’ll join in. ZAP Warriors are strong, committed, and crazy enough to do this thing.

To help you prep, here’s something silly that I do to erm…polish up my guns.

I use 3-5 pound weights and turn on some bouncy music that I normally wouldn’t care to listen to. From there, weights in hand, I get my groove on in the privacy of my own home. Try some small jabs forward. Flies. Curls. Presses. All in time with the music. Not only will it tone your arms, but it’ll get your heart pumping as well. Not a dancer? Who cares? No one’s watching.

That’s just my two cents.

How do you polish your guns? What exercises help tone your arms for optimum zombie-smiting ability? 


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