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In Darkness, Cat Pictures

This week sucks.

I’m just gonna say it. From a terror attack in Boston to more terror attacks in Syria and Iraq. A deadly earthquake in Iran/Pakistan. And now scores of people have been injured or killed in Texas with the plant explosion. This is one of those weeks that just won’t stop punching us all in the throat.

And after yesterday’s heavy blog post, I need something lighter. Maybe you do too.

Yesterday I had some cantaloupe for breakfast. And Willow really, really wanted some.

Here’s that little story in pictures.

Love and peace to all.

I can has cantaloupe?

I can has cantaloupe?





"Why does she have the cataloupe? Is it because she's a cat?" "It's called cantaloupe, Buff. Not cataloupe."

“Why does she have the cataloupe? Is it because she’s a cat?” “It’s called cantaloupe, Buff. Not cataloupe.”

"But Mom. I want the cataloupe. Is there a buffalope for me?" "There's such thing as a buffalo, Buffy." "Can I eat it?"

“But Mom. I want the cataloupe. Is there a buffalope for me?” “There’s such thing as a buffalo, Buffy.” “Can I eat it?”

The aftermath.

The aftermath.


Happy Leap Day!

Today is a day out of time, a day where the progression of the year stops, a day…an extra day in February.

Okay, all that but the last bit is rather untrue. But what better day to talk about what will make this year different than February 29?

First of all, make sure you meander your interwebby way over to Ms. Kristin McFarland’s blog today. She was friendly enough to host my Buffy-related attempt to create a new abstinence-only sex ed curriculum! ***

As it is both Leap Day AND the first week of my shiny new schedule at work (bound to give me more time to write and less of the moniez, just you wait), I’ve been busy hatching.

Chick: You guys are taking too long. Egg: HALP.

For the last couple weeks, I have been that egg. I’ve been yelling HALP to the winds of 2012. I needed time to write. I needed time to query. Now I have it, and it is a glorious thing to be poking my head out of that egg. Yesterday I met my goal of 2,000 words. Today the goal is 3,000 and a list of new agents to query. Tomorrow is 10,000 and an agent with a bottle of champagne! (Kidding.)

I have three days per week to devote to my craft. For that I feel profoundly grateful. I don’t know how long it will last, but I intend to milk it for all it’s worth.

I did a little hunting around about Leap Day. Did you know that if Leap Year falls on the turn of a century (like it did in 2000), there will only be a Leap Day if the year is perfectly divisible by 400 (like it was in 2000)? I didn’t know 1900 got skipped. I wonder if it feels put out.

Additionally, 20-year-old Americans, rejoice! According to the omniscient Wikipedia, in the US of A you legally turn a new age the day before your birthday. This makes sense if you think about it — 365 days have passed, so why not? That means you can legally drink the day before you turn 21! Good luck finding a bartender who will serve you, though.

And for all the rest of the world, you can go ahead and keep laughing at us for the world’s highest drinking age.

Among other things.

Also, as evidenced by that horrible movie, many countries have a tradition that says women can propose to men on Leap Day. Being a feminist, I say propose whenever you want, you strong woman, you — but for the sake of funsies, let’s hear what happens if the dude in question says no to your profession of love!

  • He has to give you money. Or buy you a dress.
  • In upper class Europe, he has to buy you 12 pairs of gloves so that you can hide the shame of not having a ring on your finger.
  • (So if you propose, he has to go out and buy a ring? “Marry me? Good. Now get me a rock, dammit!”)
  • In Greece, you can get engaged today, but do NOT get married if you don’t want bad luck.
  • In Ireland, the tradition supposedly originated from a deal St. Bridget made with St. Patrick.
After all that fun, now I’d like to tell you about a wee bit of Emmie’s housekeeping stuff. As much as I love being around here every day and interacting with all you lovely peeps and Tweeps, it is time for me to get to the next part of Emmie’s 2012 changes. Starting tomorrow, I will be blogging 3-4 times per week instead of seven.

I sowwy.

So in Leap Day fashion, gentle viewers, I’d like to hear where YOU want to be on the next Leap Day! Assuming the world doesn’t end, what do you want to be different in your life? February 29, 2016: where are you gonna be?


***That there’s a joke. Abstinence-only doesn’t work. Just compare Texas to Massachusetts.

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