Get ready. Don’t get dead.

Welcome to the ZAP! Main Page!

As General of the Zombie Apocalypse Preparation Warriors, I made this page so you can access all ZAP! posts as well as hold me accountable for my preparations. Below you will find my personal goals as well as a weekly report on my progress and resources to help you with yours. Thanks for stopping by — I hope you’ll stick around and kick some zombie arses with me.


Part of effective Zombie Apocalypse Preparation is getting into serious physical shape. It’s toning muscles, pushing your heart to a state of cardio health, and being able to move quickly away from sudden threats. It’s hard to do that if your arse, like mine, prefers a covalent bond with the couch.

In order to get anywhere, you have to have an inkling of where you’re going. The following are long term goals that will not be achieved immediately. Here’s my roadmap:

Goal BMI: 20-21 

Goal Body Fat Percentage: 19-21%

Goal Running Distance: 5 miles 

Goal Weapons Proficiency: Short swords, broadsword, claymore, recurve longbow, various handguns

Goal Fighting Style and Rank: 2nd degree black belt in Karate

Goal Survival Skills: Too many to enumerate. Basics are finding water, identification of edible plants, hunting, and fire starting.

Want to embark on this journey with me? Are you committed to honing your body into an effective machine? Do you need more motivation than the numbers climbing on the scale? Would zombies chasing you help?

That’s why I’m starting this public endeavor — a few zombies chasing me will be excellent motivation to shape my body into what I’ve always wanted it to look like, and the physical benefits of fitness, agility, strength, and stamina all have far-reaching benefits for people of all ages.

Be a warrior. Join the ZAP! Army.

In the Beginning…

Week One:
Weight: 179
BMI: 25.7
Body Fat Percentage: 28.98
Free Weight: 20 lbs (curls, rows, etc.)
Run Distances: 1.5 miles at 4.4 mph.

Week Two:
Weight: 176.8
BMI: 25.3
Mile: 9:48
Two Mile: 20:52

Week Three:
Weight: 175.4
BMI: 25.1
5K: 31:22
Body Fat Percentage: 26.83%

You can see my starting point — and my progress! You can post yours in the comments, or journal it somewhere else if you don’t want people to see it.

I am currently looking for a karate school in which to begin my study. I want to learn karate to be able to defend myself, to gain confidence and calm, strength and stamina. It is a mighty challenge to undertake, and one I’ve come to after much deliberation.

I will be training to participate in the Run For Your Lives this 27 October in Baltimore, Maryland. If you live in the area and would like to participate as well, visit their website and sign up! I’ll be here for moral support, online training collaboration, and to share that free beer with you at the Safe Zone. I’d welcome some warriors to run with me!



SparkPeople: This is a great website and a positive environment focused on making small, sustainable changes that result in a total lifestyle change over time. Fitness trackers, food trackers, generated meal plans, and a great community.

MyFitnessPal: Known mostly for their SmartPhone application, they also have a website in which you can track your food and exercise, communicate with others, and stay on track.

Couch To 5K: Available for smartphones for $1.99, this app will get you running 3 miles in two months. Ready? GO.


Coming soon!


Survival and Beyond with Ed Corcoran


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  1. I’m with you for the swords training and the wilderness skills. Just bought a new training sword today for my birthday. I wish that zombie running app would work on my phone.

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